Time tracker improvements ⌚
Our latest update includes some new features and quality of life improvements for the Time Tracker tool.
Sort time tracks by date and status
We've added new filtering options to allow you to find your time tracks more easily, including the choice to sort by date, status, or both.
View totals for any filter
In addition to the new filters, a report at the top of the Time Tracker tool now displays total hours for time tracks in your selected time period. It also includes a breakdown of how many of those hours are unbilled, sent, and paid to provide an at-a-glance view of where your hours are and where they need to go.
And finally, export time tracks as CSV files
Export time tracks as CSV spreadsheets for your own records.
Team Indy ✌
New proposal templates and customization
We've added 25+ new proposal templates
As Indy's user base expands, we are working to create springboards for independents of all disciplines. There are now more options than ever for crafting proposals geared towards your industry and clients.
The new Scope of Work content block is designed for automations
This new block transfers content directly from your proposals to your contracts when automations are enabled, ensuring that the scope of work you describe makes it word-for-word into the contract you send to your client.
...And the proposal signature block is now editable!
Lastly, we've made the signature block text editable, so you have even more control over the language in your proposals.
The Indy Team 🎉
February Projects update ✅
Indy has some big plans for the Projects tool in 2023, and the first wave of changes is already live.
See all people, artifacts, files, and tasks associated with individual project workspaces all at once. You can also create or add items from your project page that will be associated with that project.
Edit project tabs
Do you use some tools more than others? Would you prefer not to see tabs that aren't helpful for you? We've got you. Choose the visibility settings of any tab and create custom labels to better fit your discipline.
View and create forms tailored for specific projects right from your workspaces.
Last but not least, you can now backtrack out of your workspaces any time to view your full list of projects.
The Indy Team 🎉
PS: Your feedback always matters to us. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these changes.
📱 Update: create invoices on mobile browsers
Mobile web
Great news!
As many of you know, Indy has been in Beta on mobile and the team is hard at work bringing all the features you need from desktop to your phone or tablet.
Well, we just hit a big milestone on this project: invoice creation on mobile!
First, add all your billing info like you would on desktop...
...then preview the final invoice and download the PDF and send it to your client.
As always, your feedback is really important to us on features in Beta. We know mobile access is important for you, so we want to hear about your experiences.
Indy Team 🎉
Networking is now live 🎉
Building your Indy Network comes with some real advantages
Let's be real for a second—freelancing can be lonely. Regardless of the work you do, going solo can mean needing to manage your own healthcare, taxes, and equipment.
But independence doesn't have to mean you're on your own! Introducing: your network.
With this addition to our community features, you can now connect with other users to share tips, leads, and potentially collaborate.
Connect and chat with other users!
All you have to do is...
  1. Create your profile to get your name out there!
  2. Find folks in your discipline
  3. Click the "Connect and chat" button
  4. Start making friends and influencing people!
For Zapier users—check out our list of recommended zaps!
About two months ago, we launched Indy's Zapier integration. To celebrate, we have a curated list of recommended zaps for Indy users.
🔌 Recommended zaps ⚡
Our list of recommended zaps includes some great ideas for getting started with Zapier. It includes ideas like:
  • Send sms in Zapier SMS when Contract is Signed in Indy
  • Create database item in Notion when new form response arrives in Indy
  • Send a campaign in Mailchimp when a new contact comes in through a form response
  • Find or create record in Airtable when new project is created in Indy
You can read the full list and access other Zapier features here.
If you haven't tried Zapier yet, now's a great time to set up your integration.
Zapier connects Indy to thousands of other productivity apps and lets you create workflows that work for you.
Milestones can now be added to projects
Indy's project management features just got a
beefier. Now, in addition to tasks, you will have the ability to set milestones.
Milestones make it easier to track goals by breaking longer projects down into shorter segments.
You can create milestones on the tasks tool page or in the project itself.
Learn more about milestones in this Help Center article.
Watch this space...
As the project management features on Indy continue to evolve, we're planning on expanding milestones as well. Watch this space for updates and tell us what you'd like to see.
⚡ Cross-tool automations are here! 🎉
Happy New Year!
Our first update of 2023 is a big one. Here at Indy, we're always looking for ways to help you streamline your workflows. To meet that goal, we're excited to introduce...
Cross-tool automations!
Cross-tool automations are in Beta and can now be added to individual
, and
Automations are made by selecting an event that will trigger the automation and the action that will follow it. The action will just happen when the trigger event occurs, without you even needing to think about it!
How to create automations
You'll be able to find automations at the bottom of the sidebars in the artifact edit menus!
As we said, automations need both a trigger and an action. You'll select the trigger from the list, then you'll pick the action you want to follow it. It's that easy!
Keep in mind
For now, cross-tool automations only apply to
one document at a time
. However, if you create an automation you really like, you can save it as a template and apply it to future documents.
The Beta tag
Features in Beta may behave in unexpected ways, and your feedback is always appreciated. Once this feature leaves Beta, it will become a permanent part of the Indy Pro suite.
Projects just got a big update!
You now have more power than ever before to customize your project statuses and icons to fit your work style. Introducing:
Project start dates
Start dates can now be added to projects, helping you visualize your scope from beginning to end.
Custom project statuses
You can add your own statuses to projects and track progress your way!
Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 9
New icon options
We've expanded the project icon library to give you more options. In addition to the original icon list, you can now upload your own icons or use emojis to help distinguish your projects.
Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 9
Indy is in Beta for mobile browsers 📱
Mobile web
You're on the go. Now, Indy is too!
The first stage of Indy optimization for mobile browsers is now in Beta. Note that Indy is read-only on mobile devices for the moment, but we know this feature is important to you. More changes are coming!
Your feedback is always valuable for features in our Beta program. It's no less true here! Mobile optimization is new for Indy, so we'd love to hear how it's working for you.
🎉 Team Indy
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