About two months ago, we launched Indy's Zapier integration. To celebrate, we have a curated list of recommended zaps for Indy users.
🔌 Recommended zaps ⚡
Our list of recommended zaps includes some great ideas for getting started with Zapier. It includes ideas like:
  • Send sms in Zapier SMS when Contract is Signed in Indy
  • Create database item in Notion when new form response arrives in Indy
  • Send a campaign in Mailchimp when a new contact comes in through a form response
  • Find or create record in Airtable when new project is created in Indy
You can read the full list and access other Zapier features here.
If you haven't tried Zapier yet, now's a great time to set up your integration.
Zapier connects Indy to thousands of other productivity apps and lets you create workflows that work for you.